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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Reading: The Child Thief


Classification: horror/fantasy

First Impression: Brom has taken the classic tale of Peter Pan and shredded it, deciding to stitch it back together from the inside out so that what was once a children's story is now wicked and macabre.

UPDATE 11/8 Brom's sensory details are amazing. His background as an illustrator really shines and makes the reader visualize every little detail of his characters and settings as solidly as looking at any picture. However, I'm only halfway through and the amazing visuals don't really make up for a dull and unexciting plot. The story just reads like a bad horror flick, where one bad things just happen one right after another just because they can. I can stomach the gross, but what I can't stomach is the lack of substance behind the horror. I'm not sure I'll be finishing this one.

Final Verdict:

Extended version:


Uninvoked said...

Blah. I'm not much into horror. >_>

AmberInGlass said...

I thought maybe, it'd be good, the jacket actually made it sound interesting, and after the first couple chapters I really wanted to like it, I just didn't. Horror, is probably a genre best kept to the big screen, and even then, I'm not a terribly big fan either. This book might be enjoyable to the Saw fans out there... maybe...