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Friday, September 18, 2009

Finished: The Name of the Wind

The Name of the Wind, by, Patrick Rothfuss

Classification: fantasy

First Impression: It has a map in the first pages. Maps are always nice. The book has a very interesting, and I must say, unique set-up. It is obvious that Rothfuss really thought a lot about his story. On the fifty-third page in I actually got goosebumps, and then the story began for real. That is about the highest praise I can ever give something, it only occurs when I am stimulated by something utterly mind blowing. I think I am going to enjoy this book, but we shall see.

Final Verdict: As I suspected. I very thoroughly enjoyed this book. In fact, I had to stop reading everything else, because The Name of the Wind was just that absorbing. As mentioned above, Rothfuss provides one of the most unique and engaging hooks I've ever read in a fantasy book. Beyond that his story is very well thought out and very excellently written. The characters from the significant to the trivial all come alive in the descriptions, no matter how few sentences are given to them.

Extended version: Not a lot more to be said here that I haven't already at least that I can think of right now. I'll probably have to read this book again later down the road, before I can hope to be objective.


Anonymous said...

You have intrigued me, Andrew. This one will have to go on my to read list.

AmberInGlass said...

I don't think you'll be disappointed, but let me know when you finish reading it for sure. said...

Yeah, it sounds good. I'd like to read this.

PrettySiren said...

This book sounds interesting. If you can't put it down, that's always a good sign. hehe

AmberInGlass said...

I don't think either of you would be sorry for it.

Nishant said...

it sounds good. I'd like to read this.

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