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Friday, September 18, 2009

Finished: Perfect Match

Perfect Match, by, Jodi Picoult

Classification: modern court drama fiction

First Impression: A realistic and saddening tale that everyone should probably read.

Final Verdict: The writing was good and Picoult really supplemented her story by putting in a lot of research for her factual details. However, one too many plot twists early in the book and a main character that to me was totally unlikeable really had me asking myself "why do I care?"

Extended version: And in the end, I simply didn't care. I read the last half of the book just rooting for the main character to get what she deserved. Picoult clearly intended to spark some mild controversy with this book, and whether or not she succeeded I can clearly see how views may widely differ. I didn't like the book at all, but I'm glad I read it, and even halfway through when my opinions started becoming very clear to me, I never considered not finishing it. I still think everyone should probably give it a read, even if I wouldn't actively seek to recommend it.

As always if anyone wants to ask me something specifically about this book, or share thoughts of your own, by all means, please fire away. It's why I am doing this.

In the meanwhile, I have a question for the rest of you. Do you think the pictures should be bigger, smaller, or are okay as is?


Anonymous said...

I have only read one book by her, and I can't remember which but it didn't leave me wanting to read more by her. Have you read others by this author?

PIcs looks great! depends how much emphasis you want on the photo if you make them any bit larger. I wouldn't go smaller.

AmberInGlass said...

Thanks, Jenn, I was thinking smaller wouldn't be too good also.

No, I never did read anything else by her. I agree with how you felt, I don't think I'll go for another book of hers anytime soon either. She seemed like the quintessential Oprah Winfrey watching-audience-appealing author writing for all the wrong reasons.

PrettySiren said...

The pic is definitely okay as is.

I really like the fact that you're able to tell your opinions honestly. Because honestly, I'm so busy, I rarely read books unless I *know* it's something I'm going to like. That's why I tend to stick to my main tried and true authors. However, hopefully your blog will coax me to branch out a bit more.

AmberInGlass said...

Thanks Carrie, I hope it can help too. One of my reasonings for starting this was to try and give people a quick general idea of what to expect about the book, so if it helps anyone in any small part I'll be happy.

For a long time, I only read my tried and true authors as well, then I finally started branching out, but was limiting myself by only reading one genre. After awhile I started reading just about anything and everything. It's amazing how many gems you miss by limiting yourself sometimes.

PrettySiren said...

I know what you mean. Usually, the only non-fiction I read is history. However, I'm now reading through that little project I told you about and I literally read half the book in two hours flat. And I'm a slow reader. It was just THAT good. I can't wait to share it with you all.